Songza app recommends music depending on the weather

You’re staying in all night to wait out a gnarly storm, curled up on the couch reading a favorite book by candlelight. Naturally, in this kind of a situation, many of us gravitate toward soft, soothing melodies that contrast well with the torrential chaos outside. But now you may not have to sift through your library to find that perfect song to complement whatever Mother Nature is throwing at you. Songza will find it for you.

If you’re feeling the blues because of the gloomy weather, then perhaps the right kind of music might help you get back in your groove, or at least this is what Songza intends to do. Songza, being an online music streaming service, is “smart” enough to know what the current weather is like after partnering with The Weather Company, allowing it to suggest music that is based on the weather at the moment, including rain, snow, sunny, or windy. Songza happens to be a free onlineAndroidand iOS app that will be able to offer song suggestions depending on your current mood and activities. Take for example, that it is “Thursday late morning,” hence a list of mood options such as “enjoying the morning” to “doing housework” are revealed, before asking for your specific feeling at that point in time.

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