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Sony is finally settling the 2011 PSN hack lawsuit

Last holiday season’s PlayStation Network outages may have been annoying, but they were nothing compared to the massive hack that the company endured back in 2011 which ended up shutting down PSN for nearly a month, as well as leaked the information of tends of millions of users. Sony is only just now getting around to settling the lawsuit that followed this hack.

Over Christmas you might have heard about PlayStation Network troubles but that was nothing compared to what happened back in 2011. Many of you would remember that back then PlayStation Network had been knocked offline for almost a month, and not only that, account information of more than 77 million users had also been compromised. Sony is making up for that ordeal by offering cheap old games and some other digital content. A class action lawsuit was naturally filed after the 2011 PSN hack and Sony had announced a settlement last year. As part of that settlement the company has now started accepting claims from users that were affected by the outage.

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