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Sony is taking on Google Glass with the SmartEyeglass

It looks like Sony themselves are about to make the jump to the world of smartglasses, too, with their latest effort being the transparent lens eyewear that they call the “SmartEyeglass”. Well, at least its software development kit  is now available, and the SmartEyeglass is meant to hook up to compatible smartphones, allowing it to superimpose various information including the likes of text, symbols, and images, onto the user’s field of view.

As Sony’s smartphone division continues to struggle, the company is working out what it needs to return to profitability. Does it concentrate on the high-end market dominated by Apple and Samsung, or does it try to appeal to customers looking to get their very first smartphone? One thing you might not expect is for the company to push forward with the release its own smart eyewear, a Google Glass clone of sorts, that connects to its devices to superimpose images, videos and text into the wearers view. “SmartEyeglass,” as it’s known, looks like a bulky pair of 3D glasses that have been modified to include a 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, brightness sensor, a microphone and a pretty large battery pack.

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