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Sony Laughs Off Apple in Latest PSP Ad

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It would seem Sony is setting something of a double standard, taking an indirect dig at Apple in its latest PSP ad.

Though the phone is never mentioned by name, it’s clear ‘Josh Rose’, apparently kidding himself, is bragging about having downloaded, er… ‘Game Castle’ on an iPhone (looks like tight graphics if I’ve ever seen them). The commercial goes on to essentially say that for $9.99, you could be getting far greater and more playable games than the typical iPhone fare. And guess what? It’s not wrong.

The double standard of which I’m speaking, though, is the fact that, well… isn’t Sony planning a mobile gaming phone? I mean, it’s all rumours, but there’s so many, from so many sources, that it may as well just be happening now. Sony, you are a puzzle. A puzzle, indeed.

  1. It’s funny how he then uses a cell phone to make a call to his grandma. You mean to tell me that i have to carry a psp, cell phone, bling and gat all in my fanny pack? Sure, the psp beats the iphone out as far as gaming is concerned, but this is just the beginning for the iphone as a gaming platform. I only want to carry one device man, just one! If I had the choice (and I do) I choose to carry just my iphone 4. Now since this commercial is geared towards kids, they have the luxury (and social acceptance) of carrying fanny paks and all. Adults like games too, but we’ve grown up and our lives are heavily affected by how we appear to other adults. I can’t sit on the bench at lunch time with a PSP man, I just can’t. I can however sit on the bench with an iphone, because after playing that game, I can then get some emails sent, some schedules made and some other sorts of productive things accomplished. I’m also viewed by my peers as prepared, equipped and responsible. Sony can “laugh” now, but surely we ALL know that they will be crying later as far as the mobile gaming platform is concerned. Apple is on their way to doing the mobile gaming arena, much like they did the music industry with itunes. The sony’s, androids and googles of the world are linked to napster, rhapsody and places like limewire, relevant and before itunes, but too little too late. Sony should know better, people aren’t just consumers anymore, we are researchers for the best available product for the most amount of services. It seems as if no one understands this better than apple. Consumers have made their mind up about what they want when it comes to tech. The one ecosystem, congruent hardware, sleek hardware, seamlessness, no model numbers in the product title, No REQUIRED third party software (except Adobe) Seems like a simple formula right? I think everyone outside of apple thinks that they are getting lucky or something and their luck will soon run out? They shouldn’t hold their breath, because It seems to me that apple has grasped the sure purchase from people like myself because of the ecosystem and seamlessness of their sleek, futuristic and powerful tech. Sony, you had a tremendous head start, how’d it come to this? All intelligent life knows that when you start bashing the competition, they’ve one up’d you in popularity, sales and desirable-ness. Say what you will about apple, they are the ones “laughing”, all the way to the swiss banks! Sent from my iphone 4.

  2. yeah you go on buying apple. you’re paying them to buy their products, yet they don’t do jack for you for giving them free advertising on this forum. correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t 99.9% of all apps developed by 3rd parties? and without apps, the iphone, or any smart-phone for that matter would be crap. Then what would make it different from a dumb-phone? so stop insulting everyone’s intelligence by saying “No required 3rd party software”, because it’s apps that sells the iphone. sent from my Samsung D600 5 year old dumb-phone

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