Sony reportedly has three unannounced smartphones in the works

Is Sony working on new smartphones? Well we can only assume that the company has plans for additional devices later in the year. After all the Sony Xperia Z2 can’t be the only high-end model they have planned, right? That being said, sources out of China have revealed three new devices that Sony could be potentially working on. As it stands only the codenames of the devices have been revealed, so the actual device names could be subject to change. The devices in question are the Pegasus, Leo, and Aries. According to the rumors, the Leo is apparently the Sony Xperia Z3 that could be coming later in the year. Not much is known about it now, but it is rumored to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset and could be made from metal.

Although Sony has already unveiled and released a handful of smartphones since the beginning of the year, the mobile world never sleeps, and with the second half of the year closing in fast, you can bet that the majority of smartphone manufacturers out there are already working on their next series of handsets. Evidently, Sony is one of these companies, and according to the latest rumors, the Japanese manufacturer has at least three new smartphones in the works, codenamed “Pegasus”, “Aries” and “Leo”. Joins us below for the details. Accord to the latest bits of information shared on Weibo and Digi-Wo, Sony’s upcoming 3 smartphones can be identified by the codenames Pegasus, Leo and Aries. Supposedly, the Leo will correspond to the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 which we already had the opportunity to talk about some weeks ago, whereas the Aries will be the Z3 Compact. I guess it’s about time for Sony to prepare a sequel to the successful 4.3-inch flagship phone. As for the Pegasus, we don’t really know what to make of it, as the source hasn’t been able to reveal any additional details concerning the said device. Either way, word is that at least the Xperia Z3 will be the one to make it on the market sometime in September, so we’re guessing that the other two contenders will be squeezed in a similar launch time-frame.

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