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Sony teases new features for next major PS4 update

Sony will be rolling out the PS4 update 1.70 really soon, and this is set to be a major system software update for your next generation console which will see the introduction of some exciting new features which many gamers have been looking forward to. SHAREfactory would be one of those features, where it functions as a new rich video editor app for PS4 which makes it a snap to customize your gameplay videos.

Sony just announced sales of seven million PlayStation 4 consoles and promised more details on its upcoming software update would follow soon, now here they are. We still don’t have an exact timetable for when firmware 1.70 will arrive, but now we know more about its new “SHAREfactory” video editor and that game pre-loading is in the update. Many people are familiar with pre-loading via Steam and other PC services, which allows gamers to download pre-ordered games ahead of their release, then simply unlock the digital copy on the day it’s “released.” All it takes is enabling the PS4’s “auto download” feature, and you’re done, no more waiting while overloaded servers choke on release day.

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