Sony Xperia Z4 specifications supposedly revealed in new leak


Sony is rumored to be abandoning its six-monthly, high-end smartphone release pattern for a more traditional annual refresh, and it could start with the Xperia Z4. According to a report published by, the new flagship phone will come during Mobile World Congress next year, and will stay with us for a year. To ensure the new phone is desirable for a longer period of time, Sony is apparently preparing to stuff the Xperia Z4 full of the latest tech, should the rumors prove accurate.

Sure, the Xperia Z3 hasn’t been out for that much time yet, but it’s clear that Sony is already working on its successor. And it looks like we may have gotten a whole lot of details about the upcoming Xperia Z4. All of the following reportedly comes from the same tipster that accurately leaked the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact a while back. So that lends this info some credence, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this with a pinch of salt on hand. First off, this source claims the Xperia Z3X doesn’t actually exist. A device apparently bearing that name was benchmarked at the beginning of this month. If the Z3X isn’t a thing, then that benchmark result might have been fake, or maybe that handset is some kind of development prototype that won’t make it to the market. Interestingly though, the Z3X shares a lot of specs with the rumored Z4.

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