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Sony’s plans for E3 2014 have reportedly been leaked

E3 is probably the biggest video game expo of the year and we’re about a month away from it taking place. Now we expect that major companies, developers, and publishers to make some announcements and take the stage, as well as have demos for gamers to try out. Now for Sony fans, the folks at DualShockers have recently claimed to have been tipped off by an anonymous source as to what Sony’s plans for E3 2014 are.

The upcoming E3 event next month will encompass a variety of conferences, including one from Sony, the details of which have reportedly been leaked in great detail to the folks at DualShockers. There are game details galore, and a claim that price drops for the PlayStation 3 and Vita will supposedly be revealed at the event. According to DualShockers, an unnamed source provided details reportedly nabbed from Sony Worldwide Studios contacts and a source in a NY marketing firm. A secondary source was contacted and confirmed some of the leaked details. As far as the details confirmed by a second source, the report states that Sony will show off a 3-minute trailer for Uncharted on PS4, demo’ing “in-engine footage” and gameplay — release is said to be Summer 2015. Also tipped for 2015 will be a new title from Media Molecule.

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