Sony’s Projector Alarm Clock Helps You Visualize Time


Sony Projector Alarm

The alarm clock — destroyers of limited sleepers and enforcers of early risers — just got a bit more interesting. Sony’s new clock radio does something interest: it projects the time on the wall.

Why might this be useful, you ask? Well, imagine laying in bed in your favorite position, aching all over, not wanting to move, but realizing you need to check the time to see if you have any time to spare. What do you do?

Sony wants to make your morning less painful with The ICF-C717PJ. You see, in normal situations you would be forced to lean up, turn around, pick up your head, rub your eyes, and make out the time. That’s just far too much effort these days, right?

Now, with Sony’s latest alarm clock, all you need to do is manage to open one or two eyes, stare at your wall (or your ceiling), and the time and temperature is clearly visible.

There are also features like MP3 support, various alarms, and a cool battery backup feature that will restore the correct time even if the power goes out.

While this clock won’t put an end to the pain of having to drag yourself out of bed, it could help keep you informed of the time after laying in bed in your favorite position. That, or it could give you an excuse to move as little as possible. Then again, we are all highly self-motivated individuals who rise at the crack of dawn, right?

[via: ipodnn]
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