Soon you’ll be able to measure your body fat with your smartphone


Now that health-tracking technology has become an important part of our gadgets, Samsung is putting tons of resources into developing new technology to compete with the likes of Apple. One such technology, which the company was just awarded a patent for, would allow users to measure their body fat using their smartphone.

Samsung seems to be working on some interesting technology lately, with plans to reportedly produce a competitor to Microsoft’s HoloLens, and today it was discovered that Samsung has been awarded a patent which allows users to measure their body fat with their phone. Given Samsung’s interest in helping users be at their healthiest utilizing things like the fairly comprehensive S-Health app as well as the collection of sensors in their most current devices, measuring body fat was just one more thing which helps to extend that capability of being on top of one’s health and fitness related data. With the advancements in biometrics, companies like Samsung have been able to give users the means to use their devices to check things like heart rate and blood oxygen levels, as well as fingerprint sensors which can read our fingerprints for use of unlocking devices or making mobile payments.

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