Space cowboy Alan Friedman turns the Sun into brilliant art


Sun as Art

One doesn’t have to work at NASA or SpaceX to explore the heavens. Telescopes have been publicly available for decades and many kids and adults have explored space at night. Exploring during the day brings a distinct challenge; the Sun makes it hard to see anything other than blue skies and trying to look at the Sun itself through a telescope is optical suicide.

Self-proclaimed “space cowboy” Alan Friedman uses very basic technology to check out the sun during the day from his backyard in Buffalo, NY, in a way that highlights the beauty of the solar system’s star. He then converts into art, adding colors and contrast without taking away from the authenticity of the photographs.

Check out his website to see some more of his amazing work. Here are some more images to tease you even further. Below the images is a video of his TEDx Talk.

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