Spotify has fixed its controversial privacy policy changes


Remember a couple of week back when Spotify came under fire for the changes it made to its privacy policy? Well the company has finally gotten around to fixing that. In reality, it was the wording of the policies that made people so upset, not the policies themselves, which is why Spotify has updated the working so that it explains things “in plain language.”

Two weeks ago, Spotify updated its privacy policy with language that ignited a wave of backlash from faithful users, as the company almost suggested it’ll collect even more data about you and use it for different purposes, some related to new Spotify features and others potentially related to advertising. The company, via its CEO, immediately explained that it’ll get that data only if you agree to hand it over, putting to rest the privacy-related concerns. However, Spotify made new changes to its privacy policy, further clarifying the language. The new privacy policy is virtually similar to the last one, Engadget said, but includes a section at the beginning that explains things “in plain language.” The company says there are two categories of data it collects from you, including data it must have in order for you to use Spotify, like your name, IP address, music you listen to, and data that lets it offer additional features – or the part that got it in trouble the last time around.

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