Spread out your shares on Facebook to improve your reach


Spread out your shares on Facebook to improve your reach

If you are looking to spread your content on Facebook you are going to want to make sure that you don’t share them too closely together, whether you share from a different account or page, if you share the same content too close together they will be bunched together on Facebook losing the effect of why you shared it twice in the first place.

Much like images, the Facebook algorithm wants to make sure that news feeds do not get clogged up or filled with spam. Most likely you are not sharing spam but great quality content in the hopes that you will gain views to your page, website or blog. However, you will need to wait if you want to share anything more than once.

Images on Facebook need a one hour span if you are uploading an image directly to Facebook, if you are using a third-party tool that is not created by Facebook you will need to wait for a 24-hour period prior to sharing another image without it getting clumped into an album. Content needs a wider spread no matter who the second share comes from. This means that if your original share is from your profile and then your page or a friend shares the same piece of content on Facebook it will be bunched together.

This is not what you are aiming for since sharing content helps you, but patience will be your friend if you want to amplify the reach of what it is you are sharing. To bypass sharing content try and upload a picture first and then add the title, status update and link and it will act as a new post.

Unfortunately we do need to get creative when it comes to sharing on Facebook, but fortunately Facebook has this in place or we would be seeing double the content we do now and no, it will not feel intense like a double rainbow, we learned that from the original MySpace.

[Facebook reach image via Mashable]
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