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Sprint to update Ativ S Neo and HTC 8XT to Windows Phone 8.1

As you might have heard by now, T-Mobile will be updating its Windows Phone handsets, the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Lumia 521 to Windows Phone 8.1, but what about other Windows Phone handsets on other carriers? Will they be updated to the latest build of Windows Phone as well? The good news is that as far Sprint is concerned, they are on board as well and have recently announced that they will be updating both the Samsung ATIV S Neo and the HTC 8XT to Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft earlier today confirmed that current WP8 devices would be updated to the brand new Windows Phone 8.1 “in the coming months.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that all Windows Phone 8 handsets will get the update at the same time. In any case, if you’re a Sprint customer owning a WP8 device, you should be able to get a taste of Windows Phone 8.1 “this summer.” This is a pretty vague timeframe, but that’s all that Sprint can tell us for now – according to WP Central. As you may know, Sprint is currently offering only two Windows Phone 8 handsets: the Samsung Ativ S Neo and the HTC 8XT, both pictured above.  Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a significant number of novelties and enhancements, including: Cortana (Microsoft’s own digital assistant), Action Center, on-screen buttons, personalized home screen backgrounds, new lockscreen designs, Internet Explorer 11, and so on.

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