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Sprint unveils its new “iPhone For Life” plan

Traditionally Apple releases a new iPhone (or two) every year. The major updates to design and hardware are usually done in a two-year cycle, but in between Apple releases refreshed hardware and improvements. Some argue that perhaps the “S” series of iPhones are a better buy as they tend to be more “refined”. That being said if you like the idea of being able to own a new iPhone every year, Sprint has the answer for you. The carrier has recently announced an update to their “iPhone For Life” plan.

Sprint is not standing still, continuing to tinker with its plans as it seeks to win over new customers. The latest: an adjustment to its widely touted “iPhone for Life” plan, now offering customers the ability to sign up for a version of the plan that lets them swap in a new iPhone every year. The original plan called for customers to pay as little as $20 a month to lease a new iPhone 6, which could be turned in for a new model after two years. The new plan now allows for annual upgrades and starts at $30 a month. It will also make the iPhone 5S available for lease. Both options take effect on November 14. In addition to the cost of the iPhone itself, customers need to sign up for a $50 plan for unlimited talk, text and data.

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