Standing behind your product, one bullet at a time


Shooting the Boss

With wars and battle zones popping up across the world, the security and defense industries have been booming over the last two decades. Building stronger, lighter protective shielding is big business and the winners can make huge money. That is the hope of Texas Armoring Corporation and the reason they made this viral video of the CEO literally standing (well, sitting) behind his product.

Trent Kimball, President and CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation, enters the screen and declares, “Today, I will redefine what it means to stand behind my product.”

Shortly after, one of his employees comes in and say, “This is my AK-47. Today I get to shoot my boss. Don’t try this at home.”

What a job. Getting to fire an assault rifle at your boss and not get arrested or shot – it’s every working psychopath’s dream.

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