Steam manages to achieve over seven million concurrent active users

Steam has been growing rapidly since it was first released a decade ago but in recent months it has been growing even faster than before. Having recently achieved the highest player base of any gaming service with 65 million users, Steam is now boasting over 7 million concurrent active users.

At the end of October, we brought to you news that Steam has over 65 million users now, so it is not surprising to hear about another milestone being achieved – that Steam has now managed to garner approximately 7 million plus users who are online concurrently. This is certainly a record to be proud of, considering how its previous best happened to be a high of 6.6 million users. Steam’s site did point out that it hit 7,190,578 concurrent users mid-morning Eastern Time on December 1, if you want to get all worked up over the details involved. This particular figure happens to be an indication on just how popular the Steam service is, in addition to its growth chart. Who knows, such an encouraging figure might see more and more developers work up an interest as well as appetite for the upcoming Steam Box gaming devices.

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