Steam now has over 125 million active accounts

Steam is the undisputed king of PC gaming with the vast majority of digital video game sales coming from its platform. Further highlighting its dominance, Valve has announced that there are now more than 125 million active Steam accounts. While those numbers are obviously a bit inflated, it’s still impressive to see how many PC gamers there are using Steam. 

Valve announced today that there are now over 125 million active Steam accounts. It’s a marketing brag, yeah, but it’s also a figure worth looking at. The PC market was, for a very long time, a shadowy, nebulous thing. It was almost impossible to track down just how many people were playing games on the system, where they were playing and what they were like. Now that Steam is as close to a universal platform as we’re ever going to get on PC, though (come on, who hasn’t got at least one game they have to use Steam for), we can get very, very close, especially since Steam likes to track your purchases and demographics so keenly. And that number — 125 million active accounts — is enormous, even when you take into consideration that some of them are second or duplicate accounts.

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