StickerYou Promises To Make Your Macbook Even More Nerdy


How many times have you been sitting at a Starbucks and, looking over at your fellow coffee-shop customers, been really jealous at the guy with the awesome Transformers sticker on his Macbook?

Well, thanks to new start-up StickerYou, you too can now paste your meticulously crafted, industrially designed computer with gaudy stickers.

The service, which launched today, allows users to create high-quality vinyl stickers from the comfort of their own home, simply by using StickerYou’s intuitive system.

You can use their artwork or your own, and interesting, you can create stickers in any shape you want.

Also helpful is that the service is significantly cheaper than traditional methods of getting stickers made, as things start as low as $6.99/page.

What’s more, they’ve also signed up content partners like Star Trek and Lego, so that you can really get your nerd on if you want to. And if you really want to creep the people are Starbucks out, you can also get artwork from Showtime’s Dexter (a show about a serial killer). Neat!

[via: StartupNorth]
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