Stop encouraging deer to cross the road


Stop encouraging deer to cross the road

Good old fashion radio can be still entertaining who knew…

Not only can it be entertaining, but then adding it to YouTube can share the craziness in the world with the world and this video of raising awareness on moving deer crossing signs is concerning. A woman calls in to share her issues and she wants the deer to be moved, therefore if we move the deer crossing signs that we are all familiar with, the deer will follow.

Giving props to the radio station for bringing some much needed love back to radio by encouraging call-in’s, since you never know what you will get. Thanks to technology it was recorded and created into a video for all of us to have a mid-day laugh.

Deer Road Sign on Road image via Shutterstock

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  1. I really have to hand it to these DJs, How in the world did they manage to keep their composure? I’m not sure what is sadder, the woman who thinks deer can read road signs, or a society that has so drastically failed her that she continues in this misconception?

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