Suicidal prevention tools for military service members launched by Facebook


Military Service Members

With all the Facebook apps and social media resources being launched daily, it’s hard to believe that something like this hasn’t been established a long time ago. Facebook has recently developed a program which gives military personnel and their family’s customized resources for when their content is flagged as dangerous or suicidal.

This is an additional program added to the effort made by Facebook in December towards suicide prevention. By simply clicking a link next to the comment this allows friends and family to make it known to the social media site when another user shows signs of suicidal behavior.  Online marketing firms and social media networking sites all over have been spreading the word and allowing this function to be made aware of.

In recent surveys conducted by Blue Star Families involving military families, roughly 10% admitted that they have considered suicide. Luckily, Facebook created a source that helps identify members of the military as well as their families which sends them specific military resources at the time that their content is flagged.

It is estimated that between 85%-90% of military families make use of this military-focused social media service on a daily basis.

After these surveys were carried out, comments by military leaders were releases having said things like ‘soldier up,’ or ‘suck it up’ as their response. Not a very comforting thought in the slightest. Do you believe this is a good idea that should be taken seriously in regards to our heroes? Or do you think this resource will be over-looked and thrown to the side?

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