Surging popularity of pay tv in Europe


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Pay-TV is skyrocketing in popularity all throughout Europe. Ninety-five operators across 25 countries in the European pay-TV market added 10 million subscriptions in the last 10 years. What will the next five years look like for this market? Pay-TV households will increase by 10.2 percent to 186 million between 2012 and 2017. During this timespan, cable services will decline by 4.9 percent while Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services will increase by 35.9 percent.

What’s the reason for this explosive growth? The growth of HDTV channels is part of the answer—since the end of 2009 until September 2012, there has been a 243 percent increase in the number of HDTV channels. Also, 66 percent of Western European pay-TV subscribers have access to operator-provided multiscreen services that offer interaction, user control, and simulcasting across multiple devices. Finally, the cost of IPTV and satellite service is 30-50 percent less than the cost of cable.

Now, there are 95 pay-TV services in Europe, meaning that competition is fierce and intense. Customers often switch service providers as a result of poor customer service given by the provider. How do you stop the churn? It’s nice to follow up with people and not bombard them with too much contact. It’s also a great idea to match customer needs to products and services available.

To read more about solutions available to slow the “churn,” take a look at the infographic below presented by ClickSoftware.

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