T-Mobile offers $200 for BlackBerry users to switch to Samsung

T-Mobile is at it again with another “promo” that will surely ruffle BlackBerry’s feathers once more. This time, however, the US carrier is encouraging its BlackBerry-toting subscribers to switch not to an iPhone but to any Samsung smartphone. In exchange for jumping to a Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Note 3 or any of Samsung’s other Android devices, T-Mobile will be giving $200 worth of gift cards. 

T-Mobile and BlackBerry haven’t exactly been on great terms recently. After somecontroversial trade-in offers, the Canadian-phone maker cut ties with the carrier earlier this month. In response, T-Mobile’s CEO promised the company would continue to support any BlackBerry owners on its network. “We hear and stand with you,” he said at the time, but just a few weeks later T-Mobile is at it again. This time the carrier is offering $200 when its BlackBerry-owning customers switch to a Samsung smartphone. T-Mobile’s new deal is available for any JUMP plan subscribers currently using a BlackBerry device. If you trade in your current smartphone for a Samsung model you’ll receive a gift card worth up to $200. Trading up for any other handset, including another BlackBerry, will earn you up to $100 instead. The offer is good through 2014, so there’s no rush to ditch your BlackBerry just yet.

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