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T-Mobile offers $200 to upgrade from BlackBerry to a Samsung device

We’re sure you might have heard by now that BlackBerry and T-Mobile have recently announced that their licensing deal would be coming to an end, and that the deal will not be renewed. Given T-Mobile’s recent tactics which appear to target BlackBerry customers, it’s safe to say that the relationship between both companies aren’t exactly what it used to be. However it seems that T-Mobile is not done with BlackBerry just yet. 

One of our readers just got in touch with us, forwarding a text they received from T-Mobile (pictured above). To begin with I thought it was a spam-text, but, turns out it’s a genuine offer. Head on over to this link and you’ll see a genuine offer from T-Mo offering you up to $200 to upgrade from your BlackBerry to a new Samsung device. If you’re due an upgrade, and you have a BlackBerry, T-Mobile really, really wants you to upgrade and take a new Samsung device. If you upgrade your BlackBerry, T-Mobile will give you a gift card for up to $200 paid on to a prepaid Mastercard. So, if you upgrade Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Light you could net yourself some credit. The offer’s also available to customers enrolled in the JUMP! program.

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