T-Mobile wants to bring 4G LTE to 300 million Americans before 2016

Saying that T-Mobile has been aggressive this past year or two is a gross understatement. The company isn’t just sticking it to AT&T and Verizon with insane deals and offerings, its expanding its own services as well to better compete. In fact, CEO John Legere wants to expand its 4G LTE coverage from 265 million Americans to 300 million, which is almost all of them, by the end of the year. 

T-Mobile currently covers 265 million Americans with its 4G LTE service. It is no secret that CEO John Legere is looking for the carrier to hit 300 million at the end of the year. Recently, Legere made a presentation during Deutsche Telekom Capital Markets Day. At the event, he showed a pair of slides that explains it all. The slides show the 4G LTE coverage offered by T-Mobile at the end of 2014, and the expected coverage by the end of this year. What makes this amazing is that in the first quarter of 2013, T-Mobile had absolutely no 4G LTE signals and was using HSPA+ to offer 4G data. At the Deutsche Telekom Capital Markets presentation (the German teleco own 67% of T-Mobile’s shares), T-Mobile noted that it will cover 150 markets with its wide band LTE by the end of the year. These regions will suffer less congestion, fewer dropped calls and faster data speeds. And the company is working feverishly to deploy its 700MHz Band 12 spectrum in certain markets. This frequency is able to send signals a longer distance with improved penetration inside buildings. T-Mobile is employing 700MHz frequencies in cities like Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

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