T-Mobile will enable Wi-Fi calling for iOS 8 users

There are probably too many features in iOS 8 that makes it impossible for Apple to announce each and every single one of them. However during the presentation, there was a feature for Wi-Fi calling on one of the slides that Apple did not touch on. However T-Mobile has spotted it and has since announced that they will be enabling that feature for iOS 8 users when the software is released later this year. T-Mobile estimates that with this feature being enabled for iPhone users running on iOS 8, over 90% of smartphones on T-Mobile’s network will feature WiFi calling, which is pretty amazing actually. 

Earlier today we pointed out that Apple quietly announced WiFi calling would arrive in iOS 8 despite not actually talking about the feature on stage. Now, T-Mobile has confirmed that it will soon enable the experience for iPhone users on its network when iOS 8 is released later this year: “With the upcoming update, more than 90 percent of all T-Mobile smartphones will feature Wi-Fi Calling, adding to the 17 million Wi-Fi Calling-enabled customer devices on T-Mobile’s network and more than 5 million customers using Wi-Fi Calling during any given month… Now — with the news coming out of Apple’s keynote today that Wi-Fi Calling will be enabled with iOS 8 – I’m excited to welcome our iPhone customers to the convenience and ease of T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling as well.” With WiFi calling, users can make and receive calls as well as send messages through a WiFi connection rather than using their voice or data plan. That allows users to avoid unnecessary service charges and cut bill costs, extends coverage to areas without traditional network coverage, and also allows users to use their regular phone number.

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