Taiwan could soon fine people for being distracted by their cellphones

Just the other day we reported that mobile phone related injuries in Japan is on the rise. This does not mean texting/talking while driving, but rather text/talking while walking. This has resulted in accidents where people bump into others and knocking them down, serious injury, and in some cases even death where a man stepped onto the train tracks because he was not paying attention. Perhaps looking to curb the amount of injuries, Taiwan’s legislators have recently proposed a law in which it will fine those who cross the street while being distracted by their smartphones.

Looking to make crossing the street a little safer, Taiwanese legislators have proposed fining pedestrians who cross the street while “distracted” by mobile phones. The proposed law will fine any pedestrian deemed “distracted” about $10 for each infraction! According to Taiwanese media, there are over 14 million mobile internet users in Taiwan, many of whom are supposedly “addicted” to their smartphones. This smartphone addiction has supposedly led to various traffic accidents on the island, so much so that 17 legislators have put forth a new law to fine distracted walkers. Taiwan’s Apple Daily gave an example of a young woman in Kaoshuing, Taiwan. In late March, this young woman was crossing the street and, while she was distracted by her phone, she was hit by an oncoming taxi. She later passed away in the hospital.


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