Take those old records off the shelf and put them on your wall


Ion Audio Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Turntable

There is nothing like vinyl, the way it would slide out of the cardboard sleeve and glisten from the light onto the blackness of a record. Music was made with circular lines that with a stylist would belt out your favorite tunes.

Since technology has made our formats of music players smaller and has improved how quickly we can receive music we miss out on the process of finding a gem, nothing will beat walking into a record store and finding the treasure to add to your collection. An accomplishment that was rewarding and one that you wanted to take home right away to introduce to your record player.

Yes the bell bottoms have met the backs of closets and hippies 2.0 of hipsters have been reinvented. However, you can still enjoy your records in a new way too.

The Ion Audio Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Turntable not only looks stylish, it is stylish, by allowing it to be a portable, mountable record player. This battery operating turntable can play 33 or 45 RPM with the included 45 adapter and uses a built-in speaker with volume control, so no need to buy bulky speakers to take up any space.

It’s a small but mighty record player that will let you take out your tucked away records and dust them off the shelves to play them on your wall instead.

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