Take time to be human


Take time to be human

We are not well oiled machines, although we would like to pretend endlessly to not show imperfections for proof that to err is to be human.

We work hard and play hard, spending many hours on gadgets, computers and of course gaming. We are always tinkering with the latest technologies and spend very little time getting true R&R. Loving technology is a wonderful passion to have and remaining informed is brilliant, we just simply need reminders to lift our heads up and breathe in some fresh air.

Technology has taken over our lives and will continue to as more futuristic devices are invented, and enjoying tech is a fascinating job or hobby to have, let’s just not forget that we still need to enjoy the biggest gadget that has ever existed.

The world.

If you look at the earth as a gadget one that spins and has various ambiance and features such as grass and trees perhaps we would spend more time playing in it. It has an axel, different settings and moods and it even has a sleep feature.

If we looked at the world as one giant device maybe we would find more time to spend smelling real flowers instead of growing fake ones online, or perhaps we would travel more often if we saw it as levels to pass.

Even our galaxy leaves us in awe of its formation and yet we spend our days and nights curled up with electronics instead of lying under the stars.

Technology has advanced us and enhanced us beyond our imagination and there is so much more to come that will impact our lives in many ways as it already has in communication and experiencing the world within our living rooms. There is nothing wrong with loving our inventions; we just need to find the balance to appreciate the biggest invention of all, our planet.

You are not a robot; you need to take time to be human.

cyborg humanoid via Shutterstock

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