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Taking the ‘Cell’ Out of ‘Phone’

Picture 11

Picture 11

That iPhone, it’s a beast. A tiger within a kraken wrapped in a minotaur made of exploding gargoyles. Sometimes you wish you had a means of caging this unruly powerhouse. Tie it down. Chain it up out in the back yard, that sort of thing.

Kee Utility has got a device for you.

Picture 2

Coming straight outta the Retro Revival which began with videogames a few years ago and has since spread to all product sectors, this has got to be one of the sexier designs I’ve seen. I don’t think I need to explain it, but I will add it’s not only a corded phone/charging dock combo, but also can sync with iTunes via a built-in USB hub or power outlet, and has speakerphone capabilities.

Picture 3

Unfortunately, the thing hasn’t shipped yet. But until then, Kee has even gone so far as to create a mock Mac vs PC ad! Go big or go home, that’s how Kee plays.

This’ll be wicked awesome if you, like, don’t want to take your 70-dollar-a-month phone anywhere.

[Desk Phone Dock]

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