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TeamWox: Making your company more efficient

Though there are myriad software and services for managing various aspects of a company, they are often divided into components: use one thing for accounting, another for team management, another for internal discussion. It can get a bit unwieldy, particularly in terms of having everyone on the same page.

Groupware TeamWox aims to help that by consolidating the numerous different functions – HR, email, document sharing and many more – all in one package. The upshot, beyond increased efficiency, is that the software helps centralize all company functioning so that gaps in workflow etc. can be seen by everyone.

TeamWox works either through the web or on a company intranet, for additional security.You can also purchase a subdomain from TeamWox.

The interface, while perhaps not the prettiest thing in the world, is clean and efficient. Along the top of the screen are tab-like buttons for each task, whether Documents, Email, Chat, Accouting, Tasks etc.

Each section contains a customized menu bar on the left  a la iTunes, with a workspace on the right. So Contacts would obviously contain a list, while HR lists employees with small pictures, detailing whether they are absent, on leave etc.

The software has numerous little benefits. Unified tasks is great, but you can also specify which people or teams receive which task. Similarly, Contacts can be filtered by company etc.

Lording over all of this is the Home Screen, which gives anyone who logs in a snapshot view of the numerous tabs. It’s a great way for an employee to get a quick overview of the goings on in his or her own team, or the company at large.

TeamWox can also be run as Software as a Service instead of a standalone client, and can also be augmented with corporate IM and other features. As a bonus, there are also support forums, an added bonus for the implementation of any software. Additionally, you can even set up a service module within TeamWox so that employees can get IT help over IM.

TeamWox seems well thought-out and a great choice for small to medium-sized companies. Its consolidation of numerous communications, administrative and financial business functions can help streamline work operations, reducing waste and wasted time.

The question for IT and management professionals is whether the consolidation and efficiency of the package is worth the price of the product, details of which can be found on the company’s website.

Disclaimer: Sponsored review for TeamWox

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