Technology Identity Crisis


Identity Crisis

The parody amongst technology companies continues to make everyone look like everyone else. Brands persist, but services and products seem to blend into each other. Everyone is starting to offer what everyone else has.

This comic from JoyofTech puts it all into perspective for us. Who is going to be in social? Who will be a player in search. This guy wants to be like that guy, but this other guy is already looking like something else. It’s a mess. As humorous as it all seems, it’s starting to become a reality.

Technology Identity Crisis

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  1. *sigh* So true…as much as I love Google (and my Droid X!), it can get kind of taxing keeping up with who is branching out into what field. Competition does breed advancements and improvements in technology and systems, but when everyone is just throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks, I tune out.

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