Television time is smartphone or tablet time for 40% of American owners


Smartphone on the Couch

It has been speculated that home entertainment would meld with online and app-based engagement more and more over time. Today, Nielsen revealed that 40% of tablet and/or smartphone owners use them while watching television.

As people continue to Tweet or post to Facebook when watching TV while others explore and research information about the shows they’re watching, a growing number of people are using television time as email time.

For most activities like email and surfing unrelated information, the gender gap is slim. The notable exceptions are visits to social networks (which women do 12% more often) and checking sports scores (which men do 27% more often).

Smartphone TV

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  1. These are amazing graphs which are show how much time people spend time on their gadgets even while they watched televisions. Tablets PCs and smart phones are eventually replaced televisions as entertaining device.

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