Texting On The Rise In North America

TextingThe trend towards cell phones as general communications devices continues, as a report from the Nielsen Company (yeah, that Nielsen Company) shows that more teens are typing it rather than speaking it.

Between April and June 2010, teens from 13 to 17 sent or received more than six text messaged each waking hour, equivalent to around 3,400 texts per month.

Girls are ahead of boys, with around 4000 monthly texts and boys only averaging around 2500.

At the same time, voice calls were down 14%.

Data usage is also on the rise, with browser and email usage rising from an average of 14mb per month to around 64mb. This time it’s guys ahead of the girls, with boys using around 75mb per month on average, and girls managing only 53mb.

These figures prove that our kids are going to be more technologically capable than us by a wide margin. And that the carriers pricing for voice calls is higher than ever.

What do you think?

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