Thanks technology for helping make a video for Emily



Wow, if you have yet to see this teenage boy profess his love for some girl named Emily, you need to watch it and then watch it again. At first, if you are honest, it makes you want to laugh as he quietly sings “Everything I Do, I Do for You”, sung originally by Canadian singer, Bryan Adams, and as the transitions oddly switch, you may throw a chuckle or two with a possible snort.

But as the video progresses and you get past the electric “pretend playing” guitar, you will see just how much this little boy cares for a girl. You will suddenly remember being that age and feeling what he feels, since at one point or another, we have all had our Emily’s. Although back then neither you nor I would have had the ability to literally profess our love to the world until of course now.

The Internet and all its glory has allowed one boys love echo around the world. Sitting currently at over 400,000 views, your emotions change from it being humorous to entering the “aww” wardrobe where you keep all of your pent up fuzzy feelings.

It is quite amazing how you can touch so many, when in fact you were only trying to reach one.

Good luck Thomas.

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