That $35 Tablet Might Actually be Real

A few weeks ago India’s Human Resource Development minister, Mr Kapil Sibal was throwing words around the tubes known as the internet about a planned $35 laptop built for students around the world.

Yeah, right.

Yeah right.

THAT’S going to happen.

Wow, it’s really hard to be sarcastic on the internet.

At least that’s how the world reacted a few weeks ago, but due to a few recent developments, it looks like it may actually happen.

Right now Microsoft and Google are in a war to get their operating system on the device. It currently runs Android but Microsoft wants a copy of Windows CE on there.

There’s also a video of the device in use. The video shows off the operating system, the touch screen and a bunch of it’s features including: Wifi, 3G, a Sim card slot, an SD card slot and more.

Our sarcasm may have been a bit premature.

What do you think?

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