The 10 best finance apps for BlackBerry smartphones



Keeping track of financial changes in the world — heck, just keeping track of your own personal finances — can cause a lot of stress. Financial situations constantly change, and struggles can appear at any moment.

But, that’s why we have smart phones:  they help us with complex (and sometimes simple) tasks on the go. Lucky for us, those smart phones have apps to help us with finances. Let’s take a look at a few of the ones available for BlackBerry phones.


1. Mobile Checkbook

Let’s start with the basics. Mobile Checkbook lets you see your checking, savings, and credit card transactions and the resulting balances all on your device. You can record transactions while they occur, and even reconcile your balances. This is very helpful for when you just need to know exactly what your balances are before making purchases.


2. Mortgage Calculator Pro

Mortgage Calculator Pro can help you see what you’ll be paying for a mortgage in multiple international financial systems. You can also calculate cost of living expenses for properties as well. This is a great app to help you set a budget for when you need to save up or hold onto your money.


3. Y! Finance

Finally, we’ve reached an app for investors. Y! Finance offers customizable market summaries, quotes, comparable graphs, and detailed statistics. You can use the app to research the industries and track commodities, and of course, import your Yahoo! portfolio.


4. Wallet

Wallet does what it sounds like; it does its best to serve as a virtual wallet, but with a focus on retail. Like many other apps, Wallet helps save credit card data. It also helps keep track of your gift card, shipping, and reward program information.


5. SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet

SAP, who has had a partnership with BlackBerry for some time now, has finally released their financial apps for the new BlackBerry 10 OS. One of the most interesting among them is the customer financial fact sheet. Perfect for account executives or sales representatives, the CFFS lets your business see how its customers are doing financially, their spending and sales for the past fiscal year. It even lets you filter the information to a particular invoice.


6. Personal Assistant

Personal assistant shows you your bank account status, investment portfolio, mobile minutes, travel itineraries, frequent flier miles, shopping expenses, bills, helps you manage your credit cards, and even keeps track of your Netflix account. It certainly serves as an all-encompassing financial assistant.


7. iStockManager

You have to love investment apps. The amount of information they put in front of your eyes in such a convenient way is invaluable. iStockManager shows you charts, real-time quotes, level II quotes, trade stocks and options, market data, option chains, news, order status, position, and balances. It offers fully integrated trading.


8. Home Inventory

Isn’t it nice when app names don’t leave much mystery to the product? Home Inventory helps you track your valuables and assets and calculate them for insurance purposes. The app can also be useful for keeping maintenance on your belongings.


9. JabpLite

This app helps you keep track of your finances by allowing you to keep track of investments, regular transactions, and multiple accounts as well. A great app if you are simply looking for a sum of your money movement. You can even estimate future balances and net worths using the app’s calculations.


10. International Currency Converter

To finish off, we’ll bring it back to a simpler app. ICC serves as a quick, real-time currency converter for the world traveling business person.

Countless other amazing financial apps exist for BlackBerry phones, far too many to cover all of them in this article. Hit up the BB10 webstore to see what’s available.

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