The 2014 Equus: A techi’s dream car

2014 Hyundai Equus Interior

2014 Hyundai Equus Interior

Luxury cars usually have some pretty awesome features. Some of the features may not be totally necessary, but that is the beauty behind a good luxury car. The 2014 Equus certainly does not fall short of its luxury sedan reputation, and may even give those techi’s out there the ride of their dreams.

All the technological features of the Equus make it one very luxurious sedan. And here are some of the reasons techi’s everywhere would do anything to own one.

1. 9.2 in. High Resolution Video Screens:

Ever been sitting in the back of a car and thinking to yourself, “Boy, I really wish I could be watching TV right now.” Well if you had a 2014 Equus, you could do just that and more. The Equus has these 9.2 inch high resolution adjustable seat back video screens that passengers can use to watch different types of media or use the available navigation system. The fact that you can view the navigation from the back seat screens is pretty cool. It comes in handy when those goof-driver friends of yours need another set of eyes on the directions.


2. The Multi-Camera System:

This is an awesome feature. Most of us have already gotten used to the backup camera’s that most cars have these days. The 2014 Equus however, uses a multi-camera system that even shows an aerial view of your car. An aerial view? Mind blown. This could come in handy during the trickiest of parking situations. It is almost like controlling a car in a video game using the bird’s eye view.


3. Three Temperature Zone Climate Control:

Have you ever had a car full of people and one person was too cold, while the other was too hot? Let’s be honest, that is insanely annoying when you are the driver and you have to play DJ with the climate buttons to please all the different body temperatures. Thankfully, the 2014 Equus has three temperature zones for climate control. The person in the front can be content with the temperature, while the two in the back can be the Heat Meiser and and the Cold Meiser.

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