The 4.85-millimeter-thick Oppo R5 is the world’s thinnest smartphone


It seems that every generation of new smartphones tries to create the lightest, thinnest devices we’ve ever seen. That said, there comes a point where it makes no sense to try to make smartphones any thinner and it looks like we might have finally reached that tipping point with the new Oppo R5 Android phone that was unveiled earlier this year by little-known Chinese OEM Oppo. 

The Oppo R5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world. It’s more than two millimeters slimmer than the iPhone 6, and it’s so skinny it can’t even fit a standard headphone jack. The phone, which was unveiled at the end of October, is only available in a few select countries at the moment. It will eventually roll out to various markets around the world, including the United States, but China-based Oppo hasn’t made any announcements about that yet. It costs $450 unlocked, which is a bit cheaper than the iPhone 6 which starts at $500 without a carrier contract. We’ve only been playing with the phone for a couple of days, but we wanted to give you a look at how slim it is before we dive into the full review.

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