The 4 biggest tech innovations in cruise travel



We sometimes forget about how technology pervades everything we do. We are much more keen to the differences in technology, say in the last two decades, on topics like phones, computers, or televisions. But we don’t often compare different areas where our superior technology may transform an entire industry.

Cruise ships seem like a cut-and-dry idea: you get onboard a huge metropolis-like ship and lounge while you travel. But technology has helped to make even the smallest, subtlest irks a thing of the past. Read on to see four great tech innovations now used on cruise ships.


1. Interactive apps catered to you

Many cruises today offer interactive apps catered to the ship you are on. These apps include menus, folios, and even a way to check the cruise itinerary to see what you want to do while traveling. Some cruises even hand you an iPad when you sit down in their restaurants–all to order a meal.

This new technology allows guests to see everything they may need to know before ordering: ingredients, preparations, and even videos to show you how the chef will cook dinner.


2. Environmental technology to save the planet

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “cruise” probably reminds you of Pixar’s movie, “Wall-E.” Seemingly the pinnacle of human luxury and laziness, you would never guess how many cruise ships are actually trying to help save the planet with greener technologies.

Many cruise ships have already made the switch to LED and compact fluorescent lighting, but this is no surprise. What is a surprise is to see how many ships are sporting solar panels and using shore power installations. The list goes on, however. Some ships even opt for electric engines or hydro-dynamically efficient hull designs.


3. Luxurious showers to provide epic scenery

Some Celebrity cruises offer a luxurious “Smart Glass” shower that allows the guest to be perched out over the ship’s edge while showering. In their most exclusive suites, Celebrity Cruises offer this shower, which uses electrochromatic technology to make the glass next to you translucent on your end, but private from the outside. So not only do they offer the best Bermuda cruises — they offer leading technology that can only be found on their ships.


4. Facial recognition technology to preserve memories

Not only are your high-definition photos taken by the cruise ship officials used to link yourself to your cabin keys, but they are even used to scan through photos taken on the cruise so that you may get every photo you were on during your vacation. This makes it easy to make sure you don’t miss out on any great photos you may end up in. No more searching through other people’s photos to find your portraits you took on the ship.

With technology booming in so many industries, it is no surprise to see it doing so well in the cruise industry. Still, we often overlook many great inventions. Cruisers — what are your favorite innovations you’ve seen firsthand on a cruise ship?

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