The art of perception



We assume what we see is how it is but as the old adage goes “not everything is as it appears”. I have often wondered how differently others see the world, since I cannot see outside of my own eyes even though I try and keep my mind open, I still cannot help but wonder at times if perhaps my perception is skewed.

We all take perception in and try to filter it as much as possible, especially through the media and thus why we have formed our own medium, Social Media. We try to find truths and uncover scandals in order for us not to be duped, yet we cannot always believe what we read, hear or see, so what is perception? Is it an overall glance of the world or a sense in solitude in which each individual sees the world truly separated from any other person, which makes me fear and offer another question, are we all truly alone?

If you are wondering where my ramblings are coming from, it begins with this 44 second video (I know, very short time to inspire deep thinking) you watch it and tell me that it doesn’t make you wonder…

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