The best of Google’s 8-bit April Fool’s Day maps


GoogleMaps Game

Google has become one of the biggest pranksters every year for April Fool’s Day. Over the years they’ve put out several clever and enjoyable pranks. This year’s first one is also an Easter Egg with plenty of Google Maps searching for people to do.

They went 8-bit, NES-style. It’ll make you want to pull out the original Legend of Zelda and run around the maps from screen to screen. Here is the video as well as some of the best ones that we were able to find. Each is linked to the map itself so click away!

GoogleMaps Mt Rushmore

GoogleMaps Area 51

GoogleMaps Sphinx

GoogleMaps Parthenon

GoogleMaps Washington Monument

GoogleMaps Sydney

GoogleMaps Buckingham Palace

GoogleMaps Lockness

GoogleMaps Google Headquarters

GoogleMaps Kremlin

GoogleMaps MIT

GoogleMaps Eiffel Tower

GoogleMaps Empire State Building

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