The Blocks modular smartwatch has blazed past its Kickstarter goal


Remember when Phonebloks had everyone talking about how cool a modular smartphone would be? Well, Blocks wants to do the same thing with smartwatches, and it has more than enough money to do so. The London-based developers behind Blocks have actually been working on the idea for a while, but have only just felt that they were ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign, and I bet they’re glad they did, because it managed to blaze past its $250,000 goal in just a few hours, and has raised $434,281 at the time of writing. 

BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. The watch face – the Core as we like to call it, is a fully functional smartwatch which has all the features you would expect. The most amazing thing about BLOCKS is that the strap is made of several links (modules) each of which have their own functions. You can choose the modules you want to build a smartwatch unique to you. From smartphones to wearables, current technologies are one-size-fits-all. Though many different sensors can be embedded in a wearable device, space is always the limiting factor. This leads technology companies to select features that are right for “everyone” and forces us to compromise on what we want from our devices. It’s time that our smartwatches reflect our individuality. BLOCKS allows you to build a smartwatch that suits your lifestyle, with features that are customized to your needs. We’re done with compromise. We’re over one-size-fits-all. We want you to have the power to build a device that’s truly yours. With BLOCKS that’s easy. Just choose the modules you want and connect them together in seconds.”

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