The Butterfleye is a new “smart camera” that keeps an eye on your home

The Butterfleye is no ordinary surveillance camera, but it also doubles up as a home monitoring camera. In other words, the Butterfleye offers a whole lot more than vanilla security lookouts, as it also does its bit to record whatever goes on in your life. Taking a road that would be familiar with Dropcam owners, the Butterfleye happens to be a kind of camera which is set up in order to leave your home with “eyes”, so that you can check out whatever’s going on remotely on your tablet or smartphone – as long as there is a decent Internet connection, of course.

Gone are the days of nanny cams embedded in teddy bears or CCTV arrays mounted outside your front door. The new home camera Butterfleye represents a new surveillance device that’s somewhere in-between—a small, unintrusive device designed for monitoring your home’s security, but with smart activity-sensing features which could also feasibly capture your baby’s first steps. “It’s like Nest meets Dropcam,” says Butterfleye founder Ben Nader, who showcased his product for the first time publicly in our Home of the Future this week. Dropcam, of course, is the leader of the nanny cam-like devices you can use to watch your home. But where Dropcam can be a little intimidating, Butterfleye is trying to be more user-friendly, and more of a toy in addition to being a tool.

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