The co-founder of PopCap has a new virtual reality startup


If for some reason you aren’t familiar with PopCap Games, you’ll definitely be familiar with some of its games, such as Bejeweled. John Vechey, the co-founder of the company, has launched a new startup known as Pluto VR that will, rather than focus on games, focus on the software that’s necessary to make both augmented and virtual reality environments much more connected and social. 

John Vechey, the co-founder of Bejeweled maker PopCap Games, has the virtual reality bug. Like many game developers, Vechey has it so bad that he has created a new startup, Pluto VR, to take advantage of the opportunity that the resurgence of VR has created. But Seattle-based Pluto VR isn’t yet focused on making games. Rather, it will focus on the software needed to make VR and augmented reality environments more social and connected. The move is an interesting sign of the times and worth noting. Vechey’s last startup, PopCap Games, focused on zany and casual games such as Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. It was sold to Electronic Arts in 2012 for $750 million.

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