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The coolest bicycle you will ever ride


You may think that the bicycle you are riding right now is the coolest bike you have ever ridden, but I hate to tell you that you are wrong, unless of course you own the bicycle we are about to mention. Riding in a straightforward way is not all that much fun, sure it gets you from A to B, but some of us like the adventure of the bike and what environments we can test it on, therefore straightforward just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Bicymple bicycle is chainless and simplifying the age old bicycle by removing complicated parts and overall complexity of a bike. Even shortening the wheel base and minimizing the overall design. Due to its overhaul, the Bicymple is similar to “swing bikes” and allows tighter turns and “crab riding” for the adventure seekers out there.

This smaller version of what we once knew a bicycle to be is now easier to get through stairwells, put into elevators and to store in small cramped places. This is the coolest bicycle you will ever ride.

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