The Diana camera: Was it the original three-dimensional Instagram?



Diana_Camera_Mini_KitThere is nothing quite like a good old-fashioned camera to flash back to a time when the Beatles where popular and the “pixie” cut was a hairstyle every lady wanted. Cameras were very popular than too, much like today and the Diana camera was one that wasn’t meant to become as popular as it did in the early sixties.

In fact, the Diana camera was sold to be a novelty item, an all-plastic camera designed by Lomography.  After marketed, to their surprise the Diana camera impressed many photographers with its effects, from multiple exposures to light leaks; perhaps it was the original three-dimensional Instagram?

Due to her popularity ModCloth has brought the Diana back to life with a mini-retro inspired version. Decked out in a map of the globe, this Latitude Diana camera allows you to capture images using any 35mm film (doesn’t that sound retro) with the ability to shoot 72 shots in rectangular mode or 36 shots in square mode.


This new aged Diana camera comes with a travel ready kit that includes a shoulder strap, a Diana mini “Shoot Forever” book, a detachable flash with colored filters, an instruction manual and a lens cap. Weighing only 250 grams, this flashback is perfect for those who can remember the 1960’s original Diana or for anyone who loves to take unique photos.

The Diana has amazing filters that will have you taking one-of-a-kind photos to add to a scrapbook, photo album or to give as a gift. Every picture will be truly your very own and will make for a great piece of art to hang on any wall.

Photo Example taken with the Diana Camera

It is a retro throwback that was ahead of its time. The Diana is a uniquely designed camera for any aspiring photographer, hipster or those who would love Instagram-styled photos to display offline too.

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