The DVB Steering Board has approved a new UHDTV standard

While 4K video is available on both YouTube and Netflix, most of us are still waiting for it to reach mass adoption,and Europe might reach that goal soon The 4K video format has roughly four times higher resolution than regular HD. Recently, the DVB Steering Board approved a new DVB-UHDTV standard for broadcasting 4K video in Europe. That means programming that is typically delivered via broadcast signals can now be 4K video quality. The 4K format previously arrived on both Netflix and YouTube, with both companies making a big push to increase adoption. Netflix in particular has been working with many hardware partners, such as Sony, to help further 4K-quality content.

4K TV is here, with screens becoming affordable and content available on YouTube and Netflix. But it’s still not mainstream, it’s broadcasting that will push it there. And now it’s almost here as standards for UHD broadcast get agreed. The new DVB-UHDTV Phase 1 specification, approved for Europe by the DVB Steering Board, allows for over the air transmission of 3840 x 2160 resolution. These will be broadcast for pictures at 60Hz and colour depth at 10 bits per pixel rather than 8. This is a huge jump forward in quality promising great picture quality, a new range of colours, higher frame rates and double the resolution. The standard uses HEVC as the compression system – the same as Netflix which is now supported by the latest generation of 4K TVs like Sony’s X9005B, for example. This offers double the compression rate compared to MPEG-4/H.264. This compression will be one of the broadcaster’s biggest struggles as they try to send so much more detail down the same sized pipeline, effectively. The new DVB-UHDTV Phase 1 specification has been delivered to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, a not-for-profit body which is expected to formally standardise the specification. The Blu-ray Association is also working on a standard expected to cram 4K onto discs by the end of the year.

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