The eco-conscious Vespa 946 scooter



Ohhh the Vespa, there are days I spend portions of it dreaming about zipping around parts of Italy flawlessly as the traffic sits and waits around me. This gorgeous looking piece of art is the latest scooter from the Vespa Auto Company and is more impressive too.

Vespa-946-Aluminum Scooter

The Italian scooter brand, Vespa, is looking to capitalize on the soaring gas prices that keep plaguing us auto-friendly folks by providing us with a sleek and efficient single cylinder Vespa 946 Scooter. This eco-conscious creation has a 125cc four stroke motor, helping commuters get nearly 130 per gallon out of this goddess.

This is not the only Vespa to be kinder to our environment, like many others it too emits 30% fewer emissions.

The eco-conscious Vespa 946 scooter

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