The eCool beer cooler lets you chill your beers by burying them

If you’re looking for a way to keep your beer cool, especially since no one likes tepid beer, then perhaps the eCool beer cooler could be worth your consideration. We should point out that as you can see in the picture above, the eCool beer cooler is not your typically cooler. It does not use any electricity, but rather relies on a very old concept, which is keeping your beer underground. Basically what it does is that it requires you to dig a hole in the ground, deep enough to fit the cooler, and from there you just place the device in and let nature do the work. The eCool cooler will fit 24 cans and is meant to be a one time installation, so you can keep it there all year round if that’s what you want.

At CES earlier this year, I checked out a solar-powered cooler. I never expected to one day discover its mirror-universe twin: a dirt-powered cooler. The eCool beer cooler harnesses a very old concept. Cellars, dug into the earth, have been used to keep food cool for centuries. That same idea drives the eCool, a compact, crank-operated cellar that keeps beer underground, but makes it easily accessible for consumption. The entire contraption is nearly 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall. It can hold 24 cans and is designed to live in the ground all year long. The eCool creators suggest using a garden drill to make room to install it, unless you’re a total shovel champion. The top pops up and a hand-crank moves the cans up so you can grab a cold one or lower some fresh cans down into the ground. The eCool will keep your beers as cold as the surrounding ground. That should make for some pretty cool beers in a lot of climates. It would be interesting to test the gadget in a hot desert climate to see what temperature you’re able to get down to. It would definitely be better than letting your craft brews just sit out in the sun.

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